Amb. Moseray Gibril Fadika (late): Founder and first Chairman of AWOL; later earned the esteemed title of ‘godfather of AWOL’.

AWOL was founded in 2001 by a group of young Sierra Leoneans from various backgrounds. Initially, the group was mainly preoccupied with throwing parties to promote friendship through socialising and merry making.

That was until Moseray Gibril Fadika (now late) became its Chairman several months later. He quickly convinced his colleagues to forget about throwing parties and instead use such funds to give back to deprive communities and complement the effort of the Government of Sierra Leone in nation building.

That same year AWOL was registered as a community-based organisation and subsequently officially launched at a grand ceremony at the British Council Hall, Tower Hill, Freetown by the then President of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Dr. Ahmed Tejan Kabbah (late).

The following year Mr. Fadika introduced the annual National Achievement Awards (NAA) as a way to identify role models in society to whom the younger generation could aspire.

The NAA also aimed to promote excellence, hard work and diligence in public, as well as private, service.


Our motto is ‘Put Salone Fos” (meaning Country First).

Our loyalty is to the Green, White and Blue, and our tribe is Sierra Leonean.

Clarifying the ‘Works’ in AWOL The word ‘Works’ in our organisation’s name is a deliberate decision to move away from the over-used cliché: ‘All walks of life’, but it also represents various vocations of life as characterised by our diverse and inclusive membership

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