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Press Release

Government appeals to AWOL for partnership in humanitarian intervention

By Ahmed Sahid Nasralla (De Monk)

Vice President Victor B. Foh receives cheque from AWOL Chairman, Amb. Anthony Navo Jnr

The Vice President of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Victor Bockarie Foh, has appealed to the All Works of Life development organization (AWOL), to partner with the Government for the construction of more permanent structures to cater for victims of the recent mudslide and flooding in Freetown and for future disasters.

“AWOL is a big name and we are seeing what you are doing for country and for people. You are such a formidable organization that looks at a whole of other issues, humanitarian inclusive. I therefore want to appeal that you partnership with Government so that we could succeed in our bid for more permanent structures built away from Freetown for victims of our recent disaster and, most importantly, for the future,” said Vice President Foh.

The Vice President was speaking Monday 18th September during AWOL’s formal presentation of a cheque of Le100 million as the organisation’s ‘small’ contribution to the Disaster Relief Fund.

According to Foh, the Government is putting structures in place for a more permanent solution to the current crisis. He said Government has acquired land at Mile 6 area beyond Waterloo, and they are trying to build structures (affordable homes) that could stand ready for such disasters.

The capital city Freetown woke up on Monday August 14th to the horrible shock of mudslide and flood calamity that took away the lives of hundreds of people. According to Foh, “those we have discovered, found dead and buried are in excess of 500 now; and we do believe that far more than that number are still in the rubble. Bodies were found far away as along the coast of Conakry, Guinea”.

Foh described the incident as “a calamity, a natural disaster, and act of God”, and that it took Government by the greatest surprise.

“We are really saddled with problems; the sea on one side and the hills on the other side, and a narrow strip of land we are in between. So we are trying to move the city a little bit; bit by bit, into safer grounds,” he said.

Foh said that national or natural calamities are difficult to handle, but as a nation there must be a national plan in place to cater for disasters when they do come.

“It’s difficult to plan but then we have to plan,” he said.

However, Foh lamented that it is unfortunate that even in such a difficult situation some people are still going in to pretend that they were affected when they are not. He said they are the people who try to give all the adverse publicity on what is not the real issue on the ground.

Meanwhile, the Vice President thanked AWOL for the donation and assured that the money would be used for its intended purpose.

“On behalf of His Excellency the President, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma, the Government and People of Sierra Leone, and more especially the victims, we thank you for this kind donation,” said Foh

He continued: “We are happy to receive this as a government. You call it small, but to us it is a big gesture. We are very proud of an organization such as this. I can only say that please continue; continue to stand by the people of this country; continue to do what you are doing, it is a good job. We see your foot prints everywhere, and not in bad stead at all.”

Earlier, before presenting the donation on behalf of the global body, the Chairman of AWOL Amb Anthony Navo Jnr gave a brief background of the organization, emphasizing its policy of complementing the effort of the government of the day in nation building and its philosophy of giving back since it was founded in 2001.

This is not the first time AWOL has intervened in humanitarian crisis situations in the country although, according to Amb. Navo, they would have loved such interventions are made in the absence of disasters.

It could be recalled that on January 16th 2010 AWOL intervened in a humanitarian situation at Fogbo village, in the Koya Rural District, where fire gutted about 48 houses and rendered more than 500 people homeless. AWOL was the first organisation that mobilized resources and travelled to Fogbo to sympathised with the victims by donating bundles of zinc, bags of rice, clothing and footballs. AWOL’s intervention was planned and executed within 48hrs.

That prompt and decisive humanitarian move by AWOL turned the spotlight on the remote village of Fogbo which led to more donations from other well-meaning organisations and individuals.

Media Release


‘Our Children, Our Hope’ Freetown, Sierra Leone | Friday, June 16th 2017

AWOL presents scholarship fund for 150 pupils in Marampa Chiefdom, North of Sierra Leone. The pupils were chosen from schools in the nearby villages with special preference for the most deprived children. During the presentation ceremony The Day of the African Child is celebrated every year on the African Continent and around the world since 1991 when it was initiated by the Organization of African Unity- OAU (now African Union – AU).

The OAU dedicated June 16 to the honour of the brave actions of young people during the 1976 Soweto uprising, when thousands of Black school children took to the streets under the South African apartheid regime to protest against the inferior type of education they were receiving; and also wanted to be taught in their native language. This resulted in many of them being murdered as the protest continued for weeks. It is also a day to fight for the cause of children in trouble: Ebola orphans, AIDS orphans, the disabled street children and impoverished children who will inherit the continent.

A day to remind the African Community, political leaders and organisations to efficiently address issues of child trafficking, teenage pregnancy, child marriage, child labour and protect the rights and dignity of children. The theme selected by the African Committee for the celebration of the Day of the African Child 2017 is: “Accelerating protection, empowerment and equal opportunities for children in Africa by 2030”. In homage to the day and in recognition of the importance of education to the overall development of children for the future of Sierra Leone, AWOL is celebrating the Day of the African Child (DAC) 2017 with school children in the North and South of the country with the theme: ‘Our Children, Our Hope’.

In simultaneous events, AWOL will provide food, refreshment, entertainment, and scholarships that will cover fees, uniforms and learning materials to selected primary school pupils in Marampa, Port Loko District, in the North and Gondama, Bo District, in the South. Our school feeding and awards program for this year is targeting 1000 school children in each of the two regions and providing scholarship for 150 pupils in Gondama and 150 in Marampa. In Gondama, AWOL will also recommence work on the completion of its Gondama school project which will be named after the organisation’s late godfather, Amb. Moseray Gibril Fadika.

AWOL Chairman, Amb. Anthony Navo Jnr. says in Freetown that he hopes the programme will inspire school pupils to work hard and aspire for higher heights. “The value of education to the development of any nation cannot be overemphasized. We hope that even our presence as AWOL members will inspire the children to work hard and focus on their education,” says Amb. Navo Jnr. AWOL introduced the school feeding and awards program in 2007 and has since been an important annual event in its calendar of activities. Over the years we have reached out to school children in many deprived communities across Sierra Leone, including Kroo Bay and Mabella in Freetown. AWOL joins other organizations as we celebrate the uniqueness and achievements of Sierra Leonean children and affirm our faith in the possibilities of their future; and the future of our country as a whole.

AWOL Donates Food Items Countrywide Ahead of 3-Day Ebola Lockdown

AWOL Donates Food Items Countrywide Ahead of 3-Day Ebola Lockdown

Freetown/ Sierra Leone/15/9/14

AWOL will donate rice, cooking oil, Maggi and clean drinking water to all 14 Ebola affected districts of Sierra Leone for the 3-day lockdown announced by the Government of Sierra Leone in the sustained fight against the Ebola scourge ravaging the small West African country.

The food items include 2205 bags of rice, 500 gallons of cooking oil, 100 cartoons of Maggi, 100 bags of salt and 5000 bundles of pure water donated by the following partners:

  1. African Minerals SL Ltd: (1,300 bags of rice, 500 gallons of cooking oil, 5000 bundles of pure water,100 cartoons of Maggi and 100 bags of salt).
  2. Frank Timis, Chairman Timis Corporation/AML: (500 bags of rice).
  3. Moseray Fadika: (100 bags of rice).
  4. Airtel SL LTD: (150 bags of rice plus 10 cartoons of Maggi).
  5. AWOL Sierra Leone: (100 bags of rice).
  6. AWOL UK: (25 bags of rice).
  7. AWOL USA: (30 bags of rice).
  8. AWOL Holland: (10 bags of rice).
  9. AWOL Australia: (15 bags of rice).

The donation will target mainly quarantined households, disabled and deprived communities across the country, and will be distributed to representatives from the 12 districts for the use of the DHMT, at a press conference scheduled for Tuesday 16th September 2014 at the Ministry of Information and Communications conference hall, Youyi Building, Freetown at 12pm prompt.

Items for Western Area (Rural and Urban) will be distributed by AWOL and partners.

The distribution will be as follows:

Kailahun District- 150 bags of rice, 40 gallons of oil, 10 bags of salt, 10 cartoons of Maggi, 416 bundles of water.

Kenema District- 150 bags of rice, 40 gallons of oil, 10 bags of salt, 10 cartoons of Maggi, 416 bundles of water.

Kono District- 100 bags of rice, 30 gallons of oil, 5 bags of salt, 5 cartoons of Maggi, 416 bundles of water.

Bombali District-150 bags of rice, 40 gallons of oil, 5 bags of salt, 5 cartoons of Maggi, 416 bundles of water.

Kambia District-50 bags of rice, 30 gallons of oil, 5 bags of salt, 5 cartoons of Maggi, 416 bundles of water.

Bonthe District-50 bags of rice, 20 gallons of oil, 5 bags of salt, 5 cartoons of Maggi, 416 bundles of water.

Koinadugu District- 50 bags of rice, 416 bundles of water.

Port Loko District- 200 bags of rice, 40 gallons of oil, 8 bags of salt, 8 cartoons of Maggi, 416 bundles of water.

Tonkolili District-200 bags of rice, 40 gallons of oil, 10 bags of salt, 10 cartoons of Maggi, 416 bundles of water.

Bo District-150 bags of rice, 40 gallons of oil, 5 bags of salt, 5 cartoons of Maggi, 416 bundles of water.

Moyamba District- 150 bags of rice, 40 gallons of oil, 5 bags of salt, 5 cartoons of Maggi, 416 bundles of water.

Pujehun District-100 bags of rice, 30 gallons of oil, 5 bags of salt, 5 cartoons of Maggi, 416 bundles of water.

Western Area Urban- 355 bags of rice, 60 gallons of oil, 14 bags of salt, 14 cartoons of Maggi.

Western Area Rural- 350 bags of rice, 50 gallons of oil, 13 bags of salt, 13 cartoons of Maggi.

It could be recalled that AWOL, in partnership with Airtel SL Ltd and the All Stars Union of Sierra Leonean musicians, took the lead at the initial stages of the Ebola outbreak to launch a 30-day Ebola sensitization and prevention campaign country wide in July.

Our thanks and appreciation goes to our godfather Mr. Moseray Fadika, Mr Frank Timis, African Minerals, Airtel Sierra Leone and the entire membership of AWOL at home and abroad.

“One of AWOL’s primary objectives is to complement the effort of our Government and to save our people,” said AWOL Chairman Amb. Anthony Navo Jnr.

“Ebola doesn’t care whether you’re APC or SLPP or PMDC or UDM, or whether you are poor or rich; we are all at risk. So we must all positively respond to the clarion call of our President to help in our individual and collective ways to eradicate this deadly disease from our country.”

Long Live AWOL!

Long Live our Partners!

Long Live Sierra Leone!


AWOL Secretariat

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